@Juan_yogi comes to Dubai!

Join us for our Levitation Lab! 

Juan is a certified yoga teacher and a senior teacher at Pure Yoga and Sonic Yoga in NYC, and Lululemon Ambassador for the Lincoln Square store. He loves the breathing, the inversion work, the transitions and the mind/body connection that yoga has to offer. You can find him on Instagram as JuanYogi

Levitation Lab is a multiple module workshop designed for open level practitioners to begin or advance one’s “flight techniques.” The workshop deconstructs technical aspects of inversions (headstand, tripod headstand, forearm stand, handstand among many others) to enable the practitioner to prepare towards an inversion practice. It also creates a safe space to explore non-physical blocks (fears, injuries and the like) so that flight s possible for ALL. The experience is infused with spirit, humor and passion for the practice. The series draws from my 8 years of teaching yoga and the 17 years of practicing yoga asana, movement and breath. The modules are as follows:

1. Flight Fundamentals. (An introduction to flight) The journey begins on the mat. To fly UP, we go back to the classic DOWNdog where tools of an inversion practice are already present. We will look at the work of “bandhas” (energetic valves in the body), alignment of limbs and the use of breath to assist in the inversion journey.
2. Ground Control. (Ground DOWN to fly UP) The journey to flight continues and it starts on the ground. This module will work on the foundation of inversions – shoulder alignment, back, and wrists – Exploration of wrist techniques for proper gripping will not only allow for a stable foundation but for healthier wrists. We will look at the role of ALL Limbs. The positioning and alignment of the shoulders and the role of the legs. Proper body alignment will be a central study so a clean, vertical line can be achieved.
3. Transition Techniques. (Shifting Shapes). Entrance and exit to inversions can be equally challenging and fun! as the inversion themselves (It’s always about the journey and not just the destination.) The journey of transitions is a rich source of opportunitie to access and train different muscle groups. But transitions are also excellent ways to fold and unfold, ground and fly oneself and are full of fun life metaphors!
4. The Sequence. (The “Work”shop transforms to a “Flow”shop). This master class of the workshop series will serve more as a flow class (less work, more flow) themed to alignment principles, breath work and transition techniques developed over the previous modules.

• September 15th
Flight Fundamentals: 10:00 am -1 pm
Ground Control: 2:00 – 5:00 pm

Sept 16th
Transition techniques : 10:00 am – 1pm
The Sequnece: 2:00 – 5:00pm

• 1 workshop for 300Dhs
• 2 workshops with 560 Dhs
• 3 Workshops for 780 Dhs
• 4 workshops for 960 Dhs

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