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Piloga is the first Pilates studio in Dubai and the Middle East & Gulf Region to offer the Fletcher Pilates® movement syllabi, including Fletcher Towelwork®, Fletcher Floorwork®, and Fletcher Spine Corrector™.  Piloga is dedicated to excellence in Pilates instruction and personal attention for each student in every class. Your Fletcher Pilates® experience will challenge you to move in new ways, increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and grace.

Did we mention Pilates simply rocks? That’s all you need to know.


The Pilates Method

Originally called ‘Controllogy’, Pilates was created by Joseph and Clara Pilates in the 1920’s as a way of overcoming physical limitations within his own body. He developed a series of exercises which focus on the core muscles first, specifically the stomach and back. Pilates is a gentle, non-aerobic exercise method which lengthens and strengthens the muscles and improves core stability. Because Pilates works in a slow and controlled manner it is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and can be especially helpful in rehabilitation after injury or for lower back pain sufferers.

Fletcher Pilates®

Following Pilates’ death in 1967, his wife, Clara, penned a now-famous letter to the studio’s noteworthy student and disciple, Ron Fletcher. In this letter, Clara Pilates wrote, “There is far to go with this work – this work is in your blood and you are the man to create and develop it from this point on. Go and do!”

fletchbioimage03Fletcher Pilates® evolves directly from the original method taught to Ron Fletcher by Joe and Clara Pilates. Combining the principles and precision techniques of classic Pilates with his extensive modern dance background, Ron Fletcher developed an organic, flowing and artful series of movements – deeply engaging the body, mind and breath – that are as challenging to perform as they are satisfying to master. While staying true to Pilates’ origins, Fletcher developed his own innovative Towelwork, Floorwork and Percussive Breathing™ techniques creating an even more comprehensive movement experience.

Investigative reporter Alice Wignal said it best in her article “Pilates is an Art” (The Guardian, Jun 2008), when she concluded, “if (Ron) Fletcher hadn’t come up with a way for people to practise the method without needing the equipment, you probably wouldn’t have heard of Pilates at all.

Health Benefits

There are many health and aesthetic benefits associated with Pilates. These include:

A longer and leaner appearance … If you want to add tone and definition without the bulk, Pilates is

an ideal strength-training program for you. Pilates exercises accentuate the length of the limbs and change bulky muscles into longer and leaner ones.

Better posture … The first thing you will notice after a few Pilates classes is an improvement in your posture. You will find that you stand and sit taller and look more elegant. It won’t be long until your receive compliments about your new grace and poise.

A flatter tummy … Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a flatter stomach. If you are already thin but have a bulge in your middle, Pilates can help you lose a notch in your belt. 
By strengthening your core, your stomach muscles are pulled in, giving you a flat stomach and this helps you to fit into your clothes a little easier.

Less back pain … Pilates strengthens the muscles that most typically contribute to back pain, namely weak abdominal and gluteal (bottom) muscles. Pilates also stretches out the tight and overworked back muscles to relieve you of tension and pain.

More flexibility … Pilates exercises stretch the muscles and the joints while they strengthen the body making you more nimble and flexible.