About Us







Our Studio:

Piloga loves breaking rules. We are proud rebels, breaking tradition and creating fitness classes that no one else can offer in Dubai. Piloga is chill. We don’t care if you touch your toes. We believe in movement. Doing yoga, Pilates or barre is NOT about accomplishments, it’s about the process. Piloga doesn’t force you to achieve something too soon, we let you achieve your goals at the pace you want to.  You will leave our studio, walking an inch taller.


What Dubai Needs:

A studio where the people of Dubai can go, move, and feel welcome. It doesn’t matter the experience, size, or shape; every single person is invited into our studio with no judgement.


Our Mission:

To see you smile after a class by offering the most innovative and high quality fitness classes in Dubai. Piloga wants you to “Walk and inch taller”. This means you walk the walk; leaving our studio with your own swagger and with tight, toned and stretched muscles.



Piloga was founded with love and inspiration. Hani and Sara are Piloga’s inspirational husband and wife team, who turned to Pilates and yoga to help them live an overall healthier lifestyle. Together, they created Piloga, a studio with both Yoga and Pilates under one roof.   Hani trained under Kyria Sabin, Master Pilates Teacher, Disseminator, Founder and Director of Fletcher Pilates®, and other senior Fletcher Pilates® program teachers.