Pilates for Golfers & Equestrians

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Improve your performance with personalized Pilates classes for golfers and equestrians in Dubai.

If you are a looking to improve your golf game, Piloga’s Mat and Rerformer Pilates classes or private sessions can condition your movement and help you consistently hit the ball straighter and further.  Golf is a left-handed game played by a right-handed society. For a right-handed golfer, the left side of the body is considered the target side (closest to the ball), whereas the right side is the nontarget side.  Although the golf swing uses almost all the muscles in the body, the muscles on one side of the body may be doing the exact opposite of the muscles on the other side. At Piloga, we will assess your movement and develop a conditioning program that assesses performance, lengthens tight muscles, decreases multijoint tightness and strengthens weaker muscles for power on impact will advance the game, prevent injury and improve general fitness.  Piloga is located in Business Bay’s newest development by Dubai Properties, Bay Square, in the heart of Dubai Downtown.

Approximately 60% of all amateur golfers experience injuries playing the game (Horowitz 1999), whereas half of all professional golfers are forced to retire because of golf-related injuries (Metz 1999). Golf injuries in amateurs are the result of overuse, poor swing mechanics and/or striking the ground with the club.  The most common sites for injury among amateur men are the low back (36%), elbows (32.5%), hands and wrists (21.2%) and shoulders (11%). Amateur women golfers have the greatest occurrence of injuries in the elbows (35.5%), followed by the low back (27.4%), shoulders (16.1%) and hands and wrists (14.5%) (Metz 1999).

Improve your club-head speed & accuracy

Here at Piloga, we will guide you through specifically designed movements that can help increase club-head speed and accuracy, while improving strength, agility and endurance, on and off the green. Our Pilates classes for golfers will help you to hit the ball consistently further by enhancing optimal rotation in the legs, hips, torso and shoulders.

Improve your horse riding skills

If you are a keen horse rider and you are looking to improve your riding skills then taking Piloga’s Pilates Classes for Equestrians may be exactly what you need. There are many similarities between the core principles of Pilates and the principles of horse riding. The key elements of Pilates mentioned above like pelvic and shoulder stability, core strength, and flexibility are essential for the equestrian.  Centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow are what Pilates is centered around.  These are all also important whilst riding a horse. The popularity of Pilates within the Equestrian community is growing which is why we have developed this specific class to meet the precise needs of horse riders.  Based in Business Bay  and Downtown Dubai area, our instructors will help you improve your riding and raise your standard to a whole new level.






Health Benefits

Core strength … Most conditioning programs emphasize weight training to increase strength for greater power. The entire body must be engaged in generating power and movement must originate in the deep core muscles first. Lack of core strength often results in compensation with the arms, adding stress to the elbows, shoulders and wrist.  If you want to increase your power of your swing or your stability on the saddle, Pilates will help you do this.

Posture … The first thing people will notice about you after just a few Pilates classes is that your posture is improved. It will help you sit up tall in your saddle.  For golfers, good posture increases rotation for faster club head speed. Poor posture restricts rotation in the hips, shoulders and torso. Good posture is required at the address backswing and throughout the entire swing.

Flexibility … Your flexibility will improve quickly if you practice Pilates regularly. Pilates naturally builds long, lean muscles that are ideal for generating the kind of power you need for long golf drives.

Stability … Most important for accuracy in hitting the golf ball is your pelvic and shoulder girdle stability. Stability gives you a solid axis upon which to rotate. Pilates with help your ability to swing whilst stabilizing these parts of your body.  Stability is also key for controlling your horse.  If you want to sit taller and stronger in the saddle then improve your stability.  It will also help you to not fall off even if your horse is trying his best to buck you off.

Alignment … Pilates effectively aligns your body correctly. When your body is aligned, movements can be executed efficiently. Proper alignment is like the difference between hammering a nail that is straight versus one that is crooked. In golf, correct alignment facilitates the swing motion, reducing joint stress and preventing injuries. Pilates also improves your coordination.