Pricing & Packages


We offer a range of pricing options for Pilates & Yoga classes to suit your needs. While you are welcome to pay on a drop-in individual class basis, it is much more economical to buy a multi-class or monthly unlimited pass.



Experience Piloga – First Class Rates

For 85 Dhs, enjoy a Pilates Reformer Prep class and for 50 Dhs, enjoy a Pilates, Yoga or Barre class.



 Single Class Prices

If you’re unable to practice with us regularly, drop-in prices let you pay as you go, ensuring you can still access all the benefits our classes have to offer.

Class Pass

Class passes save you money on our drop-in prices — a great option for those committed to joining us at least once a week.

Monthly Pass

Stretch your practice budget further with our unlimited monthly passes — the more you practice, the less you pay!

One-on-one (Private) sessions

You receive the necessary individual attention required to learn basic movement techniques before moving to small group classes. A key part of Pilates and Yoga success is technique and we recommend that all beginners start here, especially if you’re pregnant, or suffer from any injuries or medical conditions.

One-on-two (Duet) sessions

Duets work best when you and your partner can commit to the same schedule every week and have similar physical abilities/goals. If you are brand new to Pilates or Yoga.  Duet sessions is a fun and accessible way to practice and improve your muscle stability and strength in a private environment.  Free your body and mind with hands on training and dedicated teaching focused on your individual knowledge and strength. Duet with a friend, partner or Duet with a stranger.