Anatomy Workshops

Therapeutic Anatomy Workshops!


This series of workshops consists of 4 commonly seen conditions; Scoliosis, Flat feet, Frozen Shoulder, and Poor Posture (Kyphosis, Sway Back, etc). These workshops focus on how Yoga poses can help to reduce their severity and what precautions or modifications need to be made for specific asanas. Participants will also understand why certain Yoga poses will be more difficult to do for specific conditions.

ABOUT TEACHER (Michelle Lam):
Michelle Lam is a physiotherapist and is one of the most sought out Yoga Anatomy teachers in South East Asia. Being a yoga practitioner herself, Michelle’s presentation is fun, informative, and easy to apply to Yoga practice and teaching. You will learn practical tips to move in and out of the asana effectively; participants shall leave the workshop with greater body awareness, better understanding of how the body works, enhanced skills to deepen the poses without injuries and have greater appreciation of the asana types understudied.

Each workshop consists of :
1. Detail anatomy of the condition
2. Analysis of possible causes and consequences
3. Assessment of participants’ conditions
4. How to observe one another
5. Discussion of which Yoga poses can help to reduce the conditions
6. Precautions or modifications required when doing Yoga

WORKSHOP 1: Scoliosis
WORKSHOP 2: Flat Feet and other common foot problems
WORKSHOP 3: Frozen Shoulder
WORKSHOP 4: Poor posture (Kyphosis lordosis, Sway back, Flat back)

• May 3rd – May 6th

• 1 workshop for 600Dhs
• 2 workshops with 1,160 Dhs,
• 3 Workshops for 1,720 Dhs
• 4 workshops for 2,280 Dhs.

TIMINGS – 9am – 3pm (Lunch Break from 12-1)